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In addition to standard flange products, Buffalo Flange, Inc manufactures many specialty flanges including high quality Expander Flanges! We manufacture quality Expander Flanges in sizes 2″ to 30″ and pressures up to 600# to meet your piping needs.

What is an Expander Flange?

An Expander Flange is a type of welding neck pipe flange used to increase pipe size at the flange connection (see sketch). Expander flanges are also known as a cost effective alternative to using a separate reducer-welding neck flange combination. The expander flange is available in a range of sizes and materials.

Advantages of Expander Flanges

  • It’s compact size saves space when compared to a reducer-welding neck flange
  • Only one butt-weld is needed to install the
  • Expander Flange Very cost effective and competitively priced
  • Full range of sizes available

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