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Split Flange

A split flange is a type of flange that can be easily installed on pre-existing piping.

Swivel Flange

A special weld neck flange whose outer ring allows 360° rotational of the inner ring for rapid alignment of bolt holes with a standard flange.

Navy Flanges

Flanges have different outside diameters, thicknesses, drilling and tighter tolerances than their commercial ANSI B16. 5 counterparts. In 1958, the Navy released MIL-F-20042 which is the military specification for Navy Flanges.

SAE/ JIS Flanges

SAE/JIS Flanges are most notably used in various fields of industry including industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics and shipbuilding.

DIN Flanges

DIN Flanges are specified and are predominantly used in European countries.

Anchor Flanges

An anchor flange is installed on a pipeline to counteract axial movement, and prevents the pipeline from moving.

Custom / OEM Flanges

Flanges made specifically to Customer designs and specifications.

Orifice Flanges

Orifice Flanges are used to measure the flow of product through the piping system. When the Orifice Plate is installed there is a restriction of flow creating a differential pressure and this is used to measure the flow rate of liquids, steam or gases.

Studding Outlets

Studding Outlets are usually designed to be installed in the inside or outside of vessels and tanks. The curving of the outlet should be ordered to fit the curvature of the shell, head, or pipe.

Spectacle Blinds / Bleed Rings

Spectacle Blinds and Bleed Rings are simple safety devices that are installed between two pipe flanges. During normal operation, the open end is installed as a spacer to allow uninterrupted flow. To stop the flow in the pipeline, the blind end is rotated into place between the flanges.

Orifice Plates

A split flange is a type of flange that can be easily installed on pre-existing piping.

API Flanges

API flanges are manufactured for high strength operating refinery systems with products such as oil and explosive gases.


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