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Buffalo Flange, Inc. - Stock, Specialty and Custom Flange Manufacturer

Houston's Buffalo Flange, Inc. has been producing high-quality steel forged flanges for 35 years. Our flange fabrication team has the knowledge and experience necessary to design and produce flanges that are effective, efficient and durable.

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Buffalo Flange Inc., Houston manufactures and supplies high-quality steel forged flanges for companies worldwide. Buffalo Flange, Houston produces studding outlets for all of your project needs. Studding outlets are used for a wide variety of applications. Studding outlets are commonly used as a pipe cover, a flow control device within a pipeline and if large enough, a manhole cover. Below are a few pictures of Buffalo Flange's studding outlet.

Studding Outlets

Studding Outlet Studding Outlet - Houston's Buffalo Flange Studding outlets, custom flanges
Studding Outlet Manufacturers - Houston's Buffalo Flange Studding Outlets, Studding Outlet Manufacturer Studding Outlet, Flange Manufacturer
Studding Outlets - Buffalo Flange, Houston Studding Outlets, Custom Flanges Studding Outlet diagram

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Buffalo Flange, Houston is your flange partner. Buffalo Flange's fabrication team will work with you to produce the studding outlet or flange that is right for your project. Buffalo Flange is dedicated to flange quality and customer satisfaction.

For all your Studding Outlet needs, Email us or call WATS 1-800-231-4174 or 713-943-9600.


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