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Spectacle Flange Manufacturers - Buffalo Flange, Inc. Houston

When your projects require specialty flanges, Buffalo Flange can help. Buffalo Flange, Inc. in Houston, Texas produces specialty flanges like spectacle flanges, expander flanges and lap-joint flanges, in addition to our standard and stock flanges.

What is a Spectacle Flange?

A spectacle flange is a specialty flange made of two metal discs attached in the middle by a small section of steel. Spectable flanges get their name because they look like a pair of reading glasses, or spectacles. Spectacle flanges, also known as spectacle blind flanges, are most commonly used on piping systems that need to be separated regularly or where the flow through the systems is regularly stopped. One end of the spectacle flange is solid, while the other end has a hole in the center. The spectacle flange can be rotated to place either the solid or hollow end within the pipe system, thereby opening or closing the flow.

Quality Expander Flange

Advantages of Spectacle Flanges

  • Spectacle flanges require no welding for installation
  • Spectacle flanges from Houston's Buffalo Flange have a wide range of pressure tolerances
  • Buffalo Flange Inc. will manufacture spectacle flanges to your specifications

Learn more about Spectacle Flanges and their components - Spectacle Flange Components

For all your Spectacle Flange needs, Email us or call WATS 1-800-231-4174 or 713-943-9600.

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